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STRADE Final Conference - related documentsSTRADE Final Conference - related documentsSTRADE Final Conference - related documents

STRADE Core Readings

Synthesis Paper 01/2018

  • Socio-economic and environmental challenges in EU mineral supply: status quo and fields of EU action (October 2018) by Doris Schueler (Oeko-Institut), Masuma Farooki (MineHutte), Johanna Carstens (Projekt-Consult), Nicolas Eslava (Projekt-Consult GmbH), Peter Dolega (Oeko-Institut) and Stefanie Degreif (Oeko-Institut)

Report 06/2018

  • EU cooperation strategy with resource-rich developing and emerging countries (October 2018) by Johanna Carstens, Viviana Lozano, Nicolas Eslava (Projekt-Consult GmbH), Jürgen Runge, Diderot Nguepjouo (ZIAF)

Report 05/2018

  • Supporting the EU Mineral Sector: Capitalising on EU strengths through an investment promotion strategy (September 2018) by Masuma Farooki (MineHutte), Chris Hinde and Anton Lof

Report 04/2018

  • The EU raw material engagement with Industrial Countries: Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Russia and the United States (October 2018) by Masuma Farooki (MineHutte) with David Humphreys and Olle Ostensson

Report 03/2018

  • Successful implementation of conflict mineral certification and due diligence schemes and the European Union’s role: lessons learned for responsible mineral supply (July 2018) by Nicolas Eslava (Projekt-Consult GmbH)