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STRADE Reports & Concepts

Report 02/2017

  • European Union and Raw Material Engagements with Developing Countries - A Review (February 2017) by Masuma Farooki, David Humphreys, Alexander Malden and Laura Cramphorn (SNL Financial Ltd)

STRADE Policy Briefs

Policy Brief 07/2018

  • EU-Latin America cooperation in responsible mineral supply: Reflections on
    the Colombian case
    (October 2018) by Viviana Lozano Castro, Johanna Carstens (Projekt-Consult GmbH)

Policy Brief 08/2017

  • Aligning EU cooperation with resource-rich developing and emerging countries‘ needs – key elements for creating win-win partnerships and a strategy for sustainable mineral supply (October 2017) by Johanna Carstens, Viviana Lozano, Jürgen Runge, Didrot Nguepjouo
    (Projekt-Consult GmbH)

Policy Brief 03/2017

  • Operational design and implementation experience with due diligence initiatives and certification schemes (April 2017) by Aissa Rechlin, Peter Dolega, and Michael Priester (Projekt-Consult GmbH)

Policy Brief 01/2017

  • Minerals and metals from non-EU countries - Europe's role and responsibility
    for positive change in industry supply chains
    (February 2017) by Andreas Manhart, Martin Gsell, Diana Hay, Doris Schüler (Oeko Institut e.V.)

Policy Brief 02/2016

  • Non-EU Country Engagements with Raw Materials Producing Countries (24 August 2016) by Laura Cramphorn and Masuma Farooki (SNL Financial Ltd.)

Policy Brief 01/2016

  • European Union's Approach to Raw Materials Engagements: A Review of Engagements with Third Countries (1 June 2016) by Masuma Farooki, Laura Cramphorn and Alexander Malden (SNL Financial Ltd.)